The world has witnessed so many cruelties and brutal treatments from human beings to human beings. All of them didn’t just happen in the name of hostility or war, but most of them took place as crimes. Who becomes the victim most of the time? Women, of course! Women are still under extreme danger and insecurity almost everywhere, even in one of the most developed nations, the United States of America. Rape cases are counted ten to twelve every hour in America. No doubt that this is the responsibility of every citizen to keep women and children safe from intruders, but a woman should be prepared to resist terrorist attacks. Every woman can’t get training in self-defense, but every woman can carry a weapon for her safety.

Use Concealed Weapons for your Safety:

Do not think about guns because they are heavy and visible to others. Furthermore, guns are to operate correctly to prevent injuries to those who are not supposed to be hurt, especially children. It means that if a woman needs to use a gun for her safety, she must get training to handle it. It means every woman needs a weapon that she can handle without training. Here we offer you a few of the most reliable and safe non-lethal and concealed weapons for women’s safety. One more thing to keep in mind when you are using weapons for safety for your safety; hurt the attacker, not yourself. As a woman, you need something to carry that protects you first and is easy to take in your hand or hide in the bag or the pocket.

1. CobraTec Fixed Blade D2 Skinner Knife:

Skinner Knife - Weapons for Women
CobraTec Skinner

If a woman keeps a weapon for her safety and herself safe even from her weapon, we have one of the top concealed and non-lethal weapons for a non-trained woman. Its 5.5 inches long handle is easy to grip CobraTec Blade D2 Skinner Knife, and 3.75 inches blade is enough even to cut a leather jacket off your attacker. Its total length of 7.25 inches is kept from 5.5 inches when folded into the handle. It is easy to conceal and easy to open. Women can keep it in their bags or pocket of jeans quite easily.




2. CobraTec Adjustable Folding White Bone Push Dagger:

It’s three inches 440 C steel blade with a total length of 6 inches. The total length of this tool is even smaller than a modern smartphone. Since it’s a foldable knife, its folding will shorten to 3 inches. Its leather cover makes it easy to keep safely in the pants pocket. Taking it out of the pockets happens without creating any harm to its owner.

3. CobraTec OTF Tactical Black Karambit Knife:

Black Karambit Knife
Black Karambit Knife


It’s a 2.75-inch D2 stonewash Steel blade. A 5.625 handle is easy to grip for a standard-size feminine hand, giving its owner a safe and comfortable feel. Its shape suits the women who cannot give the strength to their knives to push them forward and fix it into the attacker’s chest or bally. The best use of it is to keep the palm under it and bring it down from up from the attacker’s chest like a cat paw. It looks like a giant nail of a tiger or leopard by its shape. It can easily take the enemy away from you.

4. CobraTec OTF Tactical Knife Medium Woodland Camo:

Here is another lightweight safety knife of about the weight of 6.7 ounces. It contains a 3 inches steel blade with an aluminum handle of 5-inch length. Its suitable length creates convenience for its owner and firmly grips in the palm. The total length of 8 inches shrinks back into 5 inches when its knife is brought back into the handle. The aluminum handle works as the knife cover in the meantime.

Looking forward to women’s preferences, it is available in four different color handlebars green, pink, blue, and zombie.

5. CobraTec OTF Black Pen Knife:

OTF Pen Knife
OTF Pen Knife

When we talk about real-time concealed weapons for women, what could be better than a pen knife? Here we offer an OTF pen knife in seven colors; black, grey, blue, pink, purple, red, and tiffany blue. Does the color matter for safety? It won’t really matter when you hide a tool in your pants pocket or the bag. But when using a safety weapon like a pen knife, you need colors because you only sometimes keep one pen with you. And think that it will help you while writing. It also works for writing, so it can pretend to be a writing pen and stay in your pocket peacefully.